Textainer Announces Major Milestone in Surpassing 3 Million TEU Fleet


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Textainer Announces Major Milestone in Surpassing 3 Million TEU Fleet

A Benchmark Achievement for the Company and Industry

HAMILTON, Bermuda--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 16, 2013-- Textainer Group Holdings Limited (NYSE:TGH) (“Textainer”, “the Company”, “we” and “our”), the industry leader in container leasing, today announced that their fleet surpassed 3 million TEU representing a major milestone for the company as well as the industry.

“We are very proud to be the first leasing company to reach 3 million TEU,” commented Philip K. Brewer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Textainer. “To appreciate the magnitude of this feat and put that quantity in perspective, if laid end-to-end, our containers would stretch from Los Angeles to Tokyo and back.”

“Operating efficiently and achieving economies of scale are critical to success in our business. We are where we are today because we take full advantage of our size and reach. This enables us to offer our customers the equipment they need, where they need it and on competitive terms,” continued Mr. Brewer.

“Reaching a fleet size of 3 million TEU confirms the confidence that our customers have placed in us since our founding almost 35 years ago. We are grateful for their ongoing support and also want to thank our business partners, container manufacturers and depots,” added Robert D. Pedersen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Textainer Equipment Management. “We celebrate this significant achievement with our loyal customer base and dedicated employees.”

About Textainer Group Holdings Limited

Textainer Group Holdings Limited has operated since 1979 and is the world's largest lessor of intermodal containers based on fleet size. Textainer has more than 2.0 million containers, representing more than 3.0 million TEU, in its owned and managed fleet. Textainer leases dry freight, dry freight specialized, and refrigerated containers. Textainer is one of the largest purchasers of new containers as well as one of the largest sellers of used containers. Textainer leases containers to approximately 400 shipping lines and other lessees and sells containers to more than 1,100 customers worldwide and provides services worldwide via a network of regional and area offices, as well as independent depots. More information is available on the Company’s website at http://investor.textainer.com.

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